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Comments of Satisfied Patient

Burak A. – Pilonidal Sinus (Ingrown Hair) (Micro Sinusectomy)

When we first entered the hospital, the employees started to take care of us immediately. After the procedures were completed our doctor’s assistant has taken us to the room with incredible interest and the doctor gained our trust by explaining the disease and the procedure with great interest. I think all hospitals should be like this. It was wonderful that everything was provided on time. I congratulate our professor and the hospital staff. Best regards

Güler Engin – Gallstone

Thanks to Dr Çetin so much. I was diagnosed with kidney stones for 13 years in different hospitals. The pain has never gone away. We met with Mr Çetin who is the general surgery specialist of Duygu Hospital and we found out that the problem is in my gallbladder and not my kidneys. I’ve treated with medication and after that, I underwent surgery. I wish I had met him before. He is an excellent physician. If I have to have surgery again and if it is Mr Çetin Bey who ahs to operate the procedure, I would not be thinking twice about it.

Abdulkadir Yorumcu – Ingrown toenail

I cannot thank them enough for their quick and painless solution to my ingrown nail problem.

Belma Bahri Şen – Goiter

We wish you the continuation of your success as a distinguished physician with the great success that he has shown in his work with his interest in his patients.

Gökhan Bahtışen – Inguinal Hernia

Smooth operation and friendly manner. Thank you very much!

Hanife Güsal – Haemorrhoids

Before the surgery, I had so many complaints and fears. However, after the surgery I was very pleased, I recommend it to everyone. Dr. Çetin is very good at his job. Thank you.


Dilek Bağdat – Anal Fissure

An excellent team, an excellent surgeon, unlimited debonairness… It was such a pleasant operation that it was over before I even knew what was going on, thank you very much.

Gizem Agdağ -Appendicitis

At the hospital where I was admitted due to severe abdominal pain, the internal diseases department examined me and transferred me to general surgery, i.e. Mr. Çetin. Mr. Çetin performed an urgent tomography and said that I needed surgery based on my results. He informed my parents about the appendicitis surgery. After that I was immediately taken into the surgery. The surgery was a success, I was very satisfies with my treatment. Besides, our doctor Mr. Çetin, his assistant Ms. Zerrin and Ms. Kübra took really good care of us. Thank you very much for their interest.

Yılmaz Gökçeke – Inguinal Hernia

Thank you very much to Dr. Çetin. When I arrived at the hospital due to inguinal hernia, I was told that I needed surgery. I approved the surgery. I couldn’t stand in the cold, I had a lot of complaints. I had no complaint after the surgery. I am much better now. When I go to be checked, they take good care of me. Thank you very much, Mr. Çetin.

Nur E. – Anal Fissure

I had a crack in my anus and although I had fears when I came for examination (because I was quite afraid of the idea of surgery), my doctor Mr. Çetin gave me detailed information about the surgery and relieved me. So I decided to undergo the surgery. Actually, first I thought if he was talking about it as if it was so easy and comfortable, but what he said has more pluses than minuses. Because I did not feel any pain after the surgery. I rested for 1 week, took the medications prescribed by my doctor and avoided eating spices upon his advice. Before the surgery, I had bleeding when I went to the bathroom and the pain I felt there used to last for 2 days. It affected me psychologically, but I did not feel a tenth of that pain when I went to the toilet for the first time after the operation; and, not even a drop of blood came out. I am pretty comfortable and happy right now. I thank Doctor Mr Çetin for comforting me with his being frank before the operation and for playing a leading role in ending this torture in my life.

Nafiye Yıldız – Gallstones

Before, when I discovered that I had gallstones, I was so scared. I have been to a lot of hospitals, but I was not able to trust any of them. Doctor. Cetin gave me confidence thanks to his experience and speech. I had an operation and I am very happy. May God bless them.

Arif Soysal – Gallstones

When I reported my complaints to Dr Çetin, by being sincere and giving clear answers, he told me that I should have this operation. He always supported me before and after the operation. Dear Çetin Altunal, I wish you health and success. I hope everything will happen as you wish. May the prayers of all your patients, whom you have healed, be with you.

Sevgül Başak – Gallstones

I went to the Internal Diseases Clinic because I complained about my stomach. As a result of conducted test, I was told that I had gallstones. At first, I was afraid of having an operation, but Doctor Çetin gave me confidence. I had an operation and I am very happy. Thanks to Doctor Çetin so much.

Berrin Duman – Gallstones

Dear Mr Çetin ALTUNAL, first of all, thank you for the interest you have shown. From the first minute we arrived at the hospital until we were discharged, you and your team were very friendly to us, and this made us feel safe. I was passed on detailed information about my illness during the treatment process, and thanks to you, I had clear information about the operation to be performed when I was being taken to the operation, and I felt safe. We thank Mr Çetin ALTUNAL and hospital staff for this successful operation. DUMAN family.

Nazakat Rustamova – Breast Cancer

May God bless Doctor. I feel so thankful for the efforts he made. I came here after being advised by one of the hospital doctors. And I did not regret that I came here. I had a successful operation. May God bless my Doctor.

Nilüfer Sen – Umbilical Hernia

During the examination and treatment, you showed us a lot of friendliness and interest. Most importantly, we were able to talk to you comfortably and explain our problems. May God bless you. Please always be friendly like now and I hope God is going to give you the best of all. Regards

Ercan Öz – Umbilical Hernia

First, I went to the state hospital as a result of my complaints. I was diagnosed with a hernia. They told me that I would be in pain and I needed an immediate operation. Later I was examined by Dr Çetin and I explained everything to him. We started the procedures necessary for the operation. I am very happy with my doctor. I had a successful operation. Thank you very much, Doctor.

Hatice G. – Anal Fissure

I was afraid to eat so I would not need to go to the bathroom. After I met Dr Çetin, I overcome those fears. Anal Fissure Operation is an operation that lasts only 5 minutes. My advice to patients, who are afraid just like me, is: do not even hesitate. Our doctor, Çetin, is quite professional. Thanks.

Ziya Dağ – Inguinal Hernia

I did not have any problems during my operation. My operation was very smooth. I am really satisfied in terms of the Service provided to me. Doctor, thank you very much.

Recep Çorbacı – Gallbladder Polybi

Dear Doctor Çetin , thank you very much for your friendliness and interest. And I should not ignore your team. I wish success for you and your team who were very friendly and cheery from the moment I arrived at the hospital until I left. Regards

Ercan Türkcan – Small Intestine Puncture

We arrived at the hospital due to an emergency and we were face to face with a distressing problem. Thanks to the friendliness and cheery mood of Doctor Çetin, we got rid of our worries. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Doctor Çetin, our patient underwent a successful operation and recovered. Thank you for your friendliness and interest.

Fatma Kahraman – Inguinal Hernia

I kindly present my thanks to my valuable doctor. His cheery mood and silver tongue were the two of the most important factors that made me recover from my illness. I had a successful operation. I also thank your Assistant, Mrs Zerrin. We are very pleased with your friendliness and interest in your patients. Both Doctor and his Assistant are really friendly and warm people. I feel very lucky about that. I hope you will no obstacles in front of you in the future and I hope God will always be by your side. Regards

Mustafa Maraz – Ingrown Hair

I was very pleased with the information and attention he gave me about my operation when I came to the hospital for being examined. Post-op treatment was also good. Moreover, I liked the smiling face and attention of his Assistant, Mrs Zerrin. Thank you very much for everything.

Ümit Deringöl – Ümit Deringöl

I was very pleased with my doctor. He greeted me with a smile on his face on my first day here. He gave me confidence before surgery. His post-op interest was great. I kindly thank him for the service he provided.

Ali Baran – G. Ingrown Hair

I heard about my Doctor (Mr Çetin) through the internet. He is a friendly, patient and close-knit physician, who loves his job. Godspeed Thanks.

Hadice Kurban – Gallstones

When we arrived here for being examined, Doctor Çetin gave detailed information on both the disease and the operation, he informed us about the entire process and the following steps, he had a friendly and caring approach and thus he gave us confidence. Therefore, we just concluded in having the operation without thinking more. We had a very successful operation. God bless the hands of Doctor. Thank you very much. We hope their success will go on.

Kerem Şen – Inguinal Hernia

We are very satisfied with the feeling of confidence our dear Doctor created and the operation he performed. We hope your state of being successful will go on for many more years. Regards Mücahit Şen

T. Akdeniz – Ingrown Hair

From the moment I arrived at the hospital, I am very happy with my doctor’s attention and friendly approach. I can easily recommend my doctor to everyone. I wish constant success for my Doctor.

Sibel Erdoğan – Gallstones

Mr Çetin and I met when my son was having appendicitis surgery. 1 year later, I, myself, had appendicitis surgery; 4 months passed and I had gallbladder surgery. God Bless him, he is an excellent doctor. I would recommend him to everyone.

Abdurrahman Baş – Gallstones

I may not be able to finish telling my opinions about Dear Cetin ALTUNAL. Because, even though I have been to various hospitals for years, I did not get any results. Every doctor I visited told me that I was as tough as rock and I had no health problems, but my complaints were growing each day until I met Dr Çetin. After hearing my complaints and doing necessary examinations, he diagnosed a “stone in my gallbladder.” Yes, I was as tough as rock. My gallbladder was knocked out and it was filled with stones. Joke aside, Doctor Cetin managed the operation very successfully and gave me the chance to regain my health. I am grateful to him for the attention he has shown both before and after the operation. His vast knowledge, his convincing answers to every question I ask him, his patient and friendly manner, his ability to make his patients happy thanks to his humorous way of speech are some of the reasons why I prefered Doctor Çetin. As I said, I pray to my Lord at any moment for his goodness. I pray to my Lord that he made Dr Çetin knock on my door I thank him and ask my Lord to constantly support his achievements.

Şerife Macit – Gallstones

During our stay at the hospital, I was taken care of very well. Our doctor informed us about all of the necessary procedures. We are very pleased with Doctor Çetin. Thank you very much.

Gizem B. – Ingrown Hair

My dear friendly Operator Doctor Çetin ALTUNAL, who diagnosed my health problem, I would like to thank him for completing my operation successfully, for his interest and friendly approach to make me regain my health. I also kindly thank all of the hospital staff (Gizem).

Sedat Ş. – Hemorrhoids

I had a lot of complaints before the operation. It was a torture for me to go to the bathroom. Thanks to Doctor Çetin’s expert opinions, I decided on the operation. I had a very successful operation. Thank you very much for your friendliness and sincerity.

Güler B. – Ingrown Hair

I am happy to leave the hospital, where I arrived with my feet shaking. Thanks to my doctor’s attention, interest, positive approach, I survived this difficult period without problems. I would like to thank everyone, who somehow contributed. I am glad you are here, Doctor Çetin. 🙂

Fatma T. – Breast Cancer

I have been to so many doctors, I have never seen a doctor as interested and positive as Doctor Çetin. He is a doctor who fulfils the necessities of his profession. I had an operation, and nothing negative happened. Since I had cancer, I needed a lot of morale. I got more than enough from my Doctor. I kindly present endless thanks of mine to him. I would recommend him to everyone.

Özlem Şimşek Çelik – Goiter, Varicose Vein

Çetin Altunal answered all of the questions I asked about without getting bored and he helped me as much as he could. He explains and manages disease conditions so beautifully that he gains the trust of his patients (especially my mother’s). Being a Doctor is a profession that needs patience, compassion, tolerance and a cheery face (Doctor Çetin has all of these specialities); because if you are a Doctor, the person, whom you are talking to, is a patient and this patient shall really be dependant on the comments of his/her doctor. I hope doctors like you will not disappear, instead, their number shall increase in the future.

Yılmaz Akdağ – Inguinal Hernia

I would like to point out that we are very pleased with his sincere and friendly attitude to us since the first day we arrived at the hospital and his interest before and after the operation.

Hafize D. – Perianal Fistula

Dear Doctor Çetin, we are very pleased with your interest from the first moment to the last moment and your comforting answers to our questions. Thanks.

Makıf K. – Perianal Fistula

Dear Doctor, we are very glad to have met you. You’re very interested in your patients. And you are a Doctor I can recommend to others. We kindly present out thanks to him.

Meryem Şahin – Gallstones

Doctor Cetin is a doctor, who makes you feel his deep interest in you. I think he is going to contribute significantly to new generation doctors, who stand in front of their patients as if they are saying “I am the one, who created the entire world”, thanks to his ability to give confidence and his ability to stay calm. Not everyone can be a Doctor. Obviously, you love your job and your patients. I hope your energy will never run out.

Necdet A. – Ingrown Hair (Microsinusectomy)

I’m very satisfied with our doctor. He told us step by step how it was supposed to be and how it was going to be. He also let me know one by one what I should do after the completion of the treatment. We are very glad to have met Doctor Çetin. May God bless them. He has a very cheery face. He welcomes his patients very well.

Belgüzar Tunçer-Acute Appendicitis

I’m very satisfied with my doctor. Not every doctor is so interested, but my doctor was very interested. Thanks.

Esra Canbulat – Esra Canbulat

After the gallbladder operation that was managed by my Dear Doctor Çetin, I recovered myself in a very short time.

Behice Tekdemir – Gallstones

Thank you very much for your friendliness and interest. Be sure, when compared, your humanitarian specialities are much more ahead than your being a doctor. Because all our lives, we have to go to the doctors, whether we want to or not, and sometimes the attitude we face is not pleasant. So thank you very much for your interest and concern. God bless you and the people in your team.

Ümit Marankoz – Bulk In The Neck

He is a friendly doctor. I went to Doctor Çetin upon recommendation of my friend. When he first met me, the smile on his face and his warm blood gave me courage and confidence. I became his patient and easily accepted the offer of having an operation. I also thank him very much for what he did. I hope he never meets any obstacles on his path.

Gülsüm Yılmaz – Umbilical Hernia

Although I was very afraid of having an operation, my fear of operation disappeared with the confidence he gave me. May God bless him. He is both a perfect Operator (Surgeon) and a perfect son. He takes care of his patients like that person is someone in his own family. May God give him a long and healthy life. Doctor Çetin helps us gain health, may God do the same to him. God bless you from the evil eye. You are an excellent surgeon. Thank you very much for everything and wish you constant success.

Fatma G. – Breast Cancer

Dear Doctor,
First of all, we thank you and your team very much for being next to us at every moment of this difficult period and for enlightening us on every topic. I hope you are going to have constant achievements; we are always going to remember you well.

Hüseyin Birinci – Umbilical Hernia

He is a doctor, who is extremely concerned and who is confident and knowledgeable in his treatment methods. Therefore, I gained full confidence in myself and I had the operation. I am very satisfied with both the explanations and the interest during the entire process. I kindly thank him.

Fatma Özge A. – Gallstones

You and your team were very careful, caring and meticulous. I was so scared when I first came in. You comforted me by informing me about the operation. Thank you very much to all the hospital staff, especially to you.

Emine F. – Breast Cancer

Doctor Çetin is a doctor, whom I love as if he is my son, and who knows his job well, carries out everything successfully, is friendly, convinces me with his joy and carries out the operation successfully. I hope his achievements will go on.

Serap Ö. – Gallstones

He is a doctor, who performs his profession by equipping it with talent and knowledge.

Sahsenem K. – Goiter

The doctor’s knowledge, approach, and friendliness were very good. I went into an operation I was afraid of with the feeling of comfort. From the people around me, I heard that Doctor Çetin was a successful and confronting doctor; that s why we chose him. Thank you.

Muttalip A. – Ingrown Hair

Our doctor, most importantly, is very friendly. The operation I had was very easy thanks to Cetin Bey. Thank you very much for their interest.

Sibel A. – Gallstones

Thank you very much for your interest and friendliness both before and after the operation. We were very pleased that you were friendly and did your job properly. Thanks.

Ali Osman G. – Inguinal Hernia

Our doctor is a decent, gentleman and competent doctor, who is very interested in his patients, who allows patients to overcome fears thanks to his jokes. I will recommend him to everyone; he is really very interested and specialised in his profession; it is also very good of him to raise his patient’s awareness. Endless thanks.

Yeliz B. – Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)

First, I wish a healthy day for everyone. Although it is a Private Health Service, I am very satisfied with you and your team. Because of this health problem, I visited several hospitals and doctors. I like your interest and friendliness, the way you describe my illness and the way you treat it. Thank you. God bless you and your team.

S. A. – Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)

Thank you very much for the attention and friendly attitude you have shown since we first arrived at the hospital. Thank you so much for answering all our questions one by one and enlightening us without breaking our hearts. My operation and the Post-Op period was very good for me. There was nothing worth the fear. Thank you very much for everything. God bless your hands and your effort. Best Regards

Furkan U. – Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)

Doctor, we’re glad to know you. I am glad you are here, Doctor. You’re a medicine for our problems. Thank you very much. I hope your smiling face will never fade, and I hope you will never face difficulties. I hope you will forever bring health to everyone. We, our whole family, are very pleased with and grateful for you. God bless the Hospital and the nurses, and all of you.

Mehmet A. – Bilateral Inguinal Hernia

Doctor Çetin successfully performed a Bilateral İnguinal Hernia Operation on me. I thank Dr. Çetin Altunal and his team. Thank you to all the hospital management and staff.

Songül G. – Bulk in the Breast

Dear Doctor Çetin, thank you for everything. You enlightened us so well about my health problem that we were confronted and I went into the operation without fear. Thanks to you, I woke up well. Thank you very much for everything. Bless you I wish a successful professional life for you

Celal K. – Inguinal Hernia

Dear Doctor Cetin. It is the first time, through you, I had an operation like this. Unlike some people around me, who lived this experience negatively, I am getting over this post-operation period with slight pain thanks to you. Thank you for your positive energy, your comforting attitude.

Refiye N. – Gallstones

Both before and after the operation, Dr Çetin ‘s attitude was very heartfelt and warm. He showed us more than the attention and interest needed by us. He enlightened us on everything. My mother was very happy with both his operation skills and her humanitarian side. Our wish from Allah is that his achievements in his professional life continue. May Allah be pleased with him. Our whole family thanks you. Patient’s son

Ayfer G. – Gallstones

He’s an expert in his job and we are very pleased with his interest in his patients. We reached the end of the road without wasting much time. We hope his achievements will go on. Thank you very much.

Şehri M. – Anal Fissure

My opinion for Doctor Çetin Altunal: He enlightened us during my illness and thoroughly explained what could happen and what I was supposed to do during the entire process. An excellent doctor. The staff were very kind and we found 4/4 support.

Reyhan B. – Bulk in the Breast

God bless my doctor, he is a very good doctor. He got my results right away .He did his best, thank you . He is a friendly doctor. I present my thanks to him.

Rafet K. – Incisional Hernia

Doctor Çetin’s tolerant and friendly attitude already gives us good motivation. He is a doctor, whom we are very satisfied with; and I think he is an expert in his field of profession. I am so pleased with his services. I kindly present my thanks to Doctor Çetin.

Azime Y. – Anal Fissure

The operation went well. Now I feel good. Thank you for everything.