What is an ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon?

One of the main obstacles to weight loss is not being satiated with small portions. In gastric balloons, the purpose is; It takes up space in your stomach and contributes to your fullness more quickly with smaller portions. For this reason, many stomach-occupying balloons have been developed. Ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon is one of these balloons. The main feature that distinguishes it from other gastric balloons; It does not require endoscopic procedure and anesthesia for insertion and removal. Since it is a new generation balloon, the quality of the material used has also increased.

What are the advantages of the ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon?

Advantages of the Ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon over other balloons; It does not require an endoscopic procedure and anesthesia during both its placement in the stomach and it’s leaving the stomach. It can be worn by chatting with the patient in a 10–15-minute procedure.

What are the risks of an ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon?

The risk of complications during insertion of an ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon is very low. Nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain are possible side effects in the early period (first 3-4 days) after balloon insertion and are rare. In the first 7 days, the patient cannot tolerate the balloon due to these side effects and the probability of removing the balloon is around 1-2%. In such a case, the balloon can be removed by endoscopy.

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    For whom is the ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon suitable?

    Ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon, as in other non-surgical methods; It is suitable for people who are overweight, have difficulty in following a diet, and are ready to make a healthy diet and active lifestyle a habit.

    For Whom Is The Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon Not Suitable?

    The gastric balloon (swallowable) is not suitable for people who have had previous stomach surgery and people who have stomach ulcers.

    Ellipse (Swallowable) Pre-Gastric Balloon

    Before the Ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon, your doctor will talk to you about the process and explain the details. Starting a few days before the procedure, he will prescribe some medications to help reduce side effects such as nausea and make it easier for your stomach to become suitable for the balloon. Your procedure day will be planned and the procedure day will be discussed in the fluoroscopy unit.

    How Is An Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon Applied?

    Unlike other balloons, the ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon does not require an endoscopy unit or anesthesia. In order to apply this balloon, an experienced doctor and an x-ray device (preferably fluoroscopy) are needed to control the location of the balloon. The balloon, which is in the form of a capsule, is swallowed with some water. A thin thread attached to this capsule is swallowed together with the capsule, and one end of this thread remains outside the mouth. Then it is checked whether the capsule is in the stomach or not by taking an x-ray. If the capsule has reached the desired area of ​​the stomach, the balloon is inflated by giving 550 ml of a special liquid through the thread outside the mouth. The balloon should be placed in the part of the stomach called the fundus. A second film is taken and the location of the balloon is checked again. If there is no problem in the settlement, the rope attached to the balloon is pulled and separated from the balloon. This thread will seal the mouth of the balloon thanks to a special mechanism. Thanks to the special mark at the end of the rope, it is checked whether the mouth of the balloon is closed correctly. In all of these processes, the person is awake and can chat. The process takes about 15 minutes.

    You can return to your normal life the same day after the procedure. In some patients, 3-4 days of home rest may be required due to complaints such as bloating, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain that may occur in the stomach.

    After Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon

    After your balloon is placed, your wrist watch and your scale that connects to the watch via Bluetooth will be delivered to you. After that, your 4-month online nutrition tracking will start. Our goal in this follow-up process is to provide you with healthy eating and healthy mobility habits. Remember that changing habits is very important for losing weight and maintaining the lost weight.

    How Long Does An Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon Stay In The Stomach?

    The ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon stays in your stomach for an average of 4 months. After 4 months, the valve at the mouth of the balloon opens by itself and the balloon slowly empties. It takes 7-10 days for the balloon to completely empty. then the balloon, which remains in the form of a thin membrane, is excreted with the feces. It is unlikely that you will feel the balloon popping.

    How Much Weight Does An Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon Cause?

    The factor that determines how much weight you will lose after ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon; how much you follow the nutrition program and how much you move. weight loss of 15% of your average expected weight.

    Ellipse (Swallowable) Gastric Balloon Prices

    Like many medical supplies, the ellipse (swallowable) gastric balloon is a foreign currency indexed product. Therefore, the price may be updated frequently.

    You can contact us for current price information.